• Ryleigh Grace, Author & Young CEO

    Hi everyone!! My name is Ryleigh Grace Riddle, and I believe in ALL things fabulous. My dream is to start a movement where ALL kids feel inspired to create their own businesses while doing whatever it is they feel passionate about.  Over the past 3 years, my business has evolved and afforded me the opportunity to write my first book, as well as the opportunity to inspire others through my public speaking events. My moto is to stay focused, flexible, and always FABULOUS!

  • About Just Plain Fabulous

    Just Plain Fabulous was established in 2016. JPF started out as a jewelry shop. In the summer, my sister and I would stand outside and attract customers to our stand. About a year later, Just Plain Fabulous evolved into much more. Not only did I create jewelry, but I also started creating fabulous shirts, tutu's, bags, and personalized water bottles. Today, JPF customizes almost anything "customizable"... Let JPF customize something fabulous for you!

  • Shelbi Rose, The Even Younger CEO

    Beause there is no movement without a first follower, Shelbi Rose, at the age of 6, is following closely in the footsteps of her cousin and has launched her new line, FAB Bears! This kidpreneur knows what it means to work hard and would love your support. She's sooooo creative and enjoys telling everyone she meets about her bears. As only she can explain it, her bears are cute, cudley, and customizable! Shelbi looks forward to creating one of her bears for you!

Being that I produce items that allow customization, it is important you chat with me if you want something outside of the exact picture shown on the website. This will allow me to capture every single detail to ensure your design is exactly what you have envisioned.